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Corey's love for comedy started when he was a toddler watching Carson (and then Leno) from a blanket on the floor next to his daddy, Dale. By the second grade, Corey had already informed his teachers that he would be a comedian and didn't ever consider another profession. At 16, he worked up the nerve to do his first open mic (lying about his age to be admitted into the club).


Corey spent the next decade hawking jokes in dingy bars and comedy clubs at night, then waking up to do random jobs to supplement his income. He was a house painter, retail associate, motorcycle salesman, urine sample collector, flower delivery boy, hotel maid, college textbook reseller, and hay bailer... at one point, he ran a family bakery with his mother and sister where he was considered the "Head Quiche Chef."


In 2015 Corey traded in his chef's hat for a full-time trucker hat. Under Corey's trucker hat is a giant head, and under that are surprisingly thought-provoking rants on society, culture, and politics. His stand-up blends humor and common sense into a high-energy act full of silly physical comedy, recounting wild stories and emotionally-driven tangents.


Corey dreams of being in the small club of EGOT winners. His creative output is nearly insatiable and propelled by his passion for writing, performance, and silliness. Choosing to live in his hometown of Chickamauga, when Corey isn't on the road touring internationally as part of the wellRED Comedy Tour, he takes hours-long walks through the woods, talks on the phone with his momma, and makes live videos to destigmatize mental health.


You can find daily videos and writing across Corey's platforms. He makes viral character videos and political satire sketches, writes daily for his Substack subscribers, works on his upcoming second book, and produces more podcasts than you can count. Corey's undeniable charm has garnered fans like Whoopi Goldberg, Chelsea Clinton, Leslie Jones, and Dave Bautista. His greatest honor has been connecting with people of all kinds, meeting fans on the road, and making his family proud, even if they cringe a little.



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